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Welcome to The Lukacs Law Firm LLC

Dedicated to the Practice of Family Law...

Sometimes life's journey takes you to places you didn't expect and weren't prepared.  Facing those adjustments in our personal relationships can often be painful and confusing.  It can also be freeing and productive.  Understanding your rights and obligations creates the foundation for you to make good choices. Understanding the rights and responsibilities of others provides the context.

Family Law matters associated with divorce, custody, child support, spousal support, property division and paternity affects the entire family.  Lukacs Law is dedicated to joining you on this ever-changing journey offering compassion and strength while giving sound counsel for a brighter future.

Cheryl A. Lukacs
Cheryl A. Lukacs

At Lukacs Law we are committed to keeping the focus on you and your family.  From our point of view, the process of making decisions about adjusting your personal relationships and sharing the assets and debt of a marriage should always be focused on you.

Our Philosophy
Our Philosophy

We are committed to assisting you by identifying the issues, weighing the options and supporting you as you make decisions about the future of yourself and your family.  Although decisions about your children, your home, your retirement accounts and other assets and debt are not easy, the process need need not be unnecessarily difficult.  Once the issues are identified and a clear understanding of your rights under the law are established, very often the decision making process falls into place allowing for a fair, equitable and enduring outcome.  We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your future.

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    The Lukacs Law Firm LLC is dedicated to the practice of family law.

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