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The Lukacs Law Firm LLC

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Frequently asked questions

Below if frequently asked questions of Lukacs Law LLC.   Always best to contact us directly should you have any questions.

  • How do you get Lukacs Law office?
    We are located off I 90 at the Route 83-Avon Belden Road Exit just north of the rail road tracks on Avon Belden/Route 83. Our offices are on the Second Floor.

  • When is office open?
    Regular Office hours are 9am to 6pm Monday thru Friday. Saturday 9am to 12pm. Evening and weekend hours by special appointment. Please feel free to call us.

  • What can you expect?
    You can expect to be treated with respect and understanding. Your personal information kept absolutely confidential and your concerns addressed. Communication is by meetings, telephone calls, emails and texts. Feel free to ask any questions at anytime.

  • How much does it cost?
    Lukacs Law charges by the hour. Typically a retainer is required to begin work. All work is billed against the retainer. Costs associated with your case such as filing fees, fees for experts, discovery, etc. are the responsibility of the client and separate from the hourly rate paid tot he attorney. Lukacs Law will work closely with you to help defray costs whenever possible.

  • How can I pay?
    You may pay by cash, check or online with PayPal.

    About us

    The Lukacs Law Firm LLC is dedicated to the practice of family law.

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